Halden Zimmermann- Leadership in Marketing and Branding

Any successful business leader will recognize the importance of branding and marketing and its ability to shape the future prospects of a company. Whist of course there are other factors that need to be considered when helping a company grow and reach its full potential, arguably none are more important than creating a positive public image, alongside effective and wholesome marketing strategies. Halden Zimmermann has built a reputation as being one of the finest global corporate leaders in the technical industries over the course of his career. Not only is he a strong leader who delegates efficiently, he also is known for his innovative branding, marketing and pricing strategies.

You can discover some of these strategies here at Halden Zimmermann Offers Expert Insight on Leadership, Innovation and Market Disruption. Halden Zimmermann’s portfolio of business success is s testament to just how well these innovative strategies have succeeded for the companies he has worked under. Sales revenues have increases largely, and positive public image that surrounds all his past businesses are testament to his strong marketing values. During his time at Leica Microsystems, a market leading electronics company, he converted the entire business from “traditional” marketing organization to a dynamic new age digital and customer-centric marketing organization. Strategy, Structure & Execution focused on customer excellence and ensuring the best quality products were raised in profile through digital marketing channels.

Among Halden Zimmermann’s other achievements were his innovative pricing strategies. For example, in his role at Danaher he implemented McKinsey pricing strategy model which drove profitability through game changing tools like segmentation, value based pricing and go to market planning, driving 65% growth over two years. The introduction of these methods had a long lasting effect on not only the company but the industry itself. Some of these best practices have been shared across the Danaher platforms and are in use today at other divisions in other industries. This highlights the long lasting legacy Halden Zimmermann has been able to leave on the companies he has worked for, and what puts him in such high demand

For Halden Zimmermann, Leadership in Marketing is one of the keys to achieving long term business success. Not only do leaders like himself need to devise strategy, but also be able to implement it on companies, who generally try to resist change. Being able to do so whilst maintaining strong business relationships is no easy task, but something Halden Zimmermann has continuously excelled at.

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